Prof Liselotte Mettler


Dr Ibrahim Alkatout

Dear colleagues,

With great pleasure, we are introducing the first issue of International Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy (IJGE), an official publication of Kiel School of Gynecological Endoscopy. In cooperation with our Indian Editors and Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Limited, we come out with a new clinical Journal covering medical and surgical procedures focusing on comprehensive care for women with conditions such as, abnormal uterine bleedings, pelvic pain, cervical incompetence, and ovarian cysts. In addition to these, the journal also covers procedures followed for uterine fibroids, adhesions, hysterectomies, different types of cancer surgeries; combined gynecological, general surgical and urological procedures along with related cosmetic and uro-gynecological procedures. We particularly invite young researchers to present their topics. Do not be shy but express what you are thinking and put it out for discussion.

For successful production of a paper while submitting it for a peer-reviewed scientific journal, requires an effort. Let us give you a few suggestions on what forms the basis for reviewers to accept a manuscript for publication.

  1. The paper has to be well-written, easy to follow, logical and straightforward.

  2. The report should be important, relevant and address a specific feature.

  3. The study design has to be rigorous and comprehensive.

  4. Conclusions can only be drawn from a large enough sample.

  5. The literature review has to be focused and up-to-date.

  6. Statistics have to be sufficient and complete.

  7. Results must not be over interpreted.

  8. Populations or instruments have to be appropriate and sufficient.

  9. The text has to be in good English and must be well-written.

The Kiel School of Gynecological Endoscopy dates back to the early 1970s where Dr Kurt Semm initiated and further developed gynecological endoscopic surgery worldwide. However, this is the first worldwide journal in the field that is edited by the Kiel School, Germany and their friends. The editors represent the Indo-German friendship which started decades ago. This issue is dedicated to our teachers and friends who are no longer with us especially Drs Kurt Semm (1927-2003), Thoralf Schollmeyer (1962-2014) and Rakesh Sinha (1957-2016) but have added their lifetime abandoned effort, time, and love into the field of minimally invasive gynecological surgery.


Kurt Semm


Thoralf Schollmeyer


Rakesh Sinha

An extended Editorial Board was established and we thank all members that have accepted to work with us on the Editorial Board of IJGE in advance for their cooperation. The field of endoscopic or minimally invasive surgery, in parallel with modern technical and industrial development, is continuously changing. The International Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy (IJGE) encompasses all surgical interventions pertaining to women's health. We want to publish editorials on request only, opinions, review articles, original articles, techniques and instrumentation, short communications and case reports with pictures. The journal further provides a forum or education and discussion on related issues such as training, minimal invasive technologies, welcoming particularly the new fields of robotic and single-port surgery, experience with suturing courses, discussions on tissue extraction and handling. We intend to appear quarterly and will publish all articles online first. These articles are fully citable prior to the print version.

We wish our journal good success and welcome any comment and suggestion from our readers.


Prof Dr Liselotte Mettler and Priv Doz Dr Ibrahim Alkatout


International Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy